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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I build the app?

Yes, choose the Do It Yourself option. After your account has been created, sign in and submit your content with our easy to use appManager. However, if you think you might have trouble, choose the plan with our Setup Fee and we will take care of it.

Is updating my app easy to do?

Absolutely! We have designed an incredibly easy to use admin panel including video screencasts showing examples of how to update. AppCoco offers free phone and email support if you have any questions.

Can you build the app for me?

Yes, choose the option with Setup Fee. App development takes less than 24 hours. The development process begins as soon as all of your content has been collected. We will email you a list of data we need to gather in order to complete your app.

What if I want to cancel my account?

No contracts. No cancellation fee. Just give us 24 hours notice, we will end the monthly billing cycle and take down your app from appCocos online server.

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